Bill & Larry's Travels
And Other Adventures!

Larry (with cap) and Bill (with bandanna)

A Trip Across the San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge
September 17, 2013 - Photos taken during a trip eastbound across
the Bay Bridge, highlighting the new eastern span.

Coast to Coast on the Lincoln Highway
June 20 - July 21, 2013 - We traveled from San Francisco to New York City on the
Lincoln Highway, visiting friends and checking out lots of cool sites along the way.

Trip to Las Vegas and Zion, Bryce, Glen, Antelope and Grand Canyons
April 7 - 16, 2013 - We went to Las Vegas for the National Association of Broadcasters
convention, and then traveled to Utah and Arizona to visit our National Parks.

Driving Trip To Palm Springs, California
January 2 - 9, 2013 - We took a driving trip down to Palm Springs to enjoy
a week of vacation and visit friends. Check out the photos from our trip.

Bill and Larry's 4th Wedding Anniversary
Join us for a trip to San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf as we celebrate
our 4th Wedding Anniversary together on July 31, 2012.

Two Day Trip Around Northern California
April 19 - 20, 2012 - A two day driving trip up through Marin, Sonoma and Napa
Counties, followed by a visit to Old Sacramento on the way home.

20 Day Tour of the British Isles - August, 2011
We enjoyed a fantastic tour of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.
It was a wonderful adventure, well organized and very informative!
We got to see some great scenery, lots of important places and many
interesting landmarks, and got an excellent overview of the four
countries. Join us for our three week tour!

Driving Trip to the Pacific Northwest - July, 2011
We enjoyed three great weeks in Northern California, Oregon,
Washington and British Columbia visiting friends and
checking out the sights along the way.

Firemen's Tribute - June 10, 2011
Following a funeral for two fallen firemen attended by close to 5,000
firefighters from across the U.S. and Canada, a procession of close to
200 fire trucks and other vehicles followed the caskets to the cemetery.
Here are photos of the procession of fire trucks and other vehicles.

Spring Trip To Yosemite National Park
May 19-20, 2011, we took a two day trip up to Yosemite to check
out the beautiful views and the roaring waterfalls.  After receiving
record amounts of snow this past winter we expected the falls to
be flowing with gusto.  We weren't disappointed.

The New Terminal 2 at San Francisco International Airport
On April 9, 2011, they had an open house at the newly remodeled
Terminal 2 at San Francisco International Airport. We went to the
open house and these are photos taken that day.

Sonora Pass and a Visit to Bodie State Park
In August, 2010, we took a drive over the Sierra via Sonora Pass,
California Route 108 to U.S. Route 395 to Bodie State Park, a ghost
town from the silver mining days. Join us for our two day journey.

Road Trip to Colorado 2010
We spent a couple of weeks traveling through Nevada and Utah to
Colorado, then hit the Rocky Mountains, Boulder, Denver, Colorado
Springs and the area around Grand Junction. We saw some fantastic
scenery and we share it with you in this album.

National Beard and Mustache Competition
A trip to Bend, Oregon, where Bill was a contestant in the
national beard contest. Lots of hair to be seen!

Wildflowers and Poppies 2010
We took another trip to check out the wildflowers in Death Valley
and the poppies at the California Poppie Reserve, and we also visited
Reno, Virginia City, Las Vegas and Pinnacles National Monument.

Drive to Marin Headlands
February 28, 2010 - A drive to the Marin Headlands on the
north side of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Road Trip 2009
We spent a month traveling through the Rocky Mountains, across Canada,
through the Midwest and Southwest, and saw some fantastic scenery.

A Week In Hawaii 2009
We spend another week in Hawaii on the island of Oahu
hiking, exploring and enjoying good food.

A Walk Up To Twin Peaks 2009
An Easter Sunday walk from our home to the top of Twin Peaks,
taking in spring flowers in profuse bloom along the way.

Road Trip to Poppy Reserve and Las Vegas, March 2009
We drove to the California Poppy Reserve near Lancaster and
then on to Las Vegas, and we returned by driving up the coast.

Yosemite National Park, Fall, 2008
We spent a weekend at Yosemite checking out the beautiful scenery.

Trip to Nevada and Oregon, Fall 2008
A road trip up through the Sierras of California into Nevada, north
through the desert and then across Oregon and down the coast.

Our Wedding, July 31, 2008
After a way-too-long 31-year engagement, we finally tie the knot
in the rotunda at the City Hall in San Francisco!

Washington, DC, and Surrounding Countryside, June 2007
We visit our nation's capital and historical sites and
scenic areas in nearby states.

VIA Rail Trip Across Canada, May 2007
Travel by train from Vancouver to Toronto through the
Canadian Rockies and across the Canadian Shield.

Joshua Tree National Park, April 2007
Surreal trees and unusual rocks dot the landscape
in this southeastern California park.

Queen Mary 2 Comes to San Francisco - 2007
The Queen Mary 2 sails under the Golden Gate Bridge and
into San Francisco Harbor.

Europe Trip in 2006
Join us as we visit several cities in Italy and the
Mediterranean coast of France!

Snowfall in San Francisco - 2006!
We have lived here since 1979 and we have only seen it snow once.
Here are some photos out our window.

Fall Trip to the Southwest 2005
A road trip to Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico, including visits
to various Indian sites, the Grand Canyon, and Las Vegas.

Road Trip to the East Coast 2005
A drive across America from sea to sea, and then back!
Follow our scenic monthlong adventure through 20 states.

A Week in Hawaii 2005
Touring around Kauai and Oahu, and taking a hike up inside
Waikiki's Diamond Head crater to its rim.

Death Valley - Flowers! - March, 2005
The wettest spring in 100 years had sprouted Death Valley's
usually-dry hillsides into millions of flowers!

Australia and New Zealand, 2004
Highlights from our trip to the beautiful lands
that lie down under.

Europe Trip in 2004
It's Amsterdam then a driving trip through Germany and parts
of Austria, Switzerland and France. Then a week in Paris, a
trip by high speed train to Brussels and back to Amsterdam.
Please join us on this exciting and interesting trip.

Our Sierra Trip, 2004
A loop through the northern Sierra - Nevada City, Downieville,
Portola and the railroad museum, Tahoe, and Virginia City.

Our Sierra Trip, 2003
A falltime trip to Mariposa, Yosemite, Mono Lake,
Devil's Postpile, and return through Monitor
and Ebbett's passes.

We Visit Las Vegas - 2003
Casinos, casinos, and more casinos! Of course!

Pacific Northwest, 2003
Twelve days in northern California, Oregon,
Washington and British Columbia

Trip to Los Angeles and Disneyland - 2002
We drove down the coast to Los Angeles with our friend
Norman Cuccio. We went to Disneyland and their new park
"California Adventure" and visited friends in Los Angeles.

Our Trip to the Midwest - 2001
Our first stop was in New Mexico for a visit with Larry's sister
and family, then it was on to Kansas, Missouri, Southern Illinois,
Michigan, Chicago, Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, Utah, Nevada
and the Sierra of California

Europe Trip in 2000
We visited London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Hamburg and
the Worlds Fair in Hannover, Germany.

A Swing Through the Northwest in 1999
Includes Promontory Point, Yellowstone,
and two historic towns.

Chaco Canyon - 1998
It's the United States' largest Indian ruin
and few Americans have seen it.

Larry's 1998 Europe Vacation
Photos from Larry's visit to Scotland,
England, France, Germany, and Holland.

Foliage! - New England and Atlantic Canada - 1997
The fall of 1997 was the most fantastic
season for color in decades!

Pacific Northwest Vacation - 1997
Larry in July, 1997, in Oregon, Washington,
Montana and British Columbia.

Signs You're In Montana
The "no daytime speed limit" signs, plus
a sign we caught that drew laughter.

California's Ugliest State Park
Its grand entrance next to a cement
plant is only the beginning.

Barefoot up Mount Monadnock - 1996
Can one say he really knows a beautiful
mountain, without having felt it, too?

On Being Several Places at Once
Cool places to visit where states
and nations come together.

In Snow near Donner Pass
A wake up call for east coast folks who might just
think California is all warmth and sunshine.

Mother Nature's Tile Floor
Check out this awesome natural formation
that looks like a tile floor!

As Down East as You Can Get
This is the easternmost point
in the United States.

California's Oldest Building
Of course it's a mission, and you just
might see swallows there, too!

At Mile Zero
This is the monument where the
Alaska Highway begins.

Bill Discovers Distant Asphalt Cousins
Spotting one was a complete surprise, and
almost caused us to have a wreck!

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