Around Home and San Francisco
Summer-Fall, 2016

In June, CertoPro Painters began repainting our home.
Here are pictures of the job underway.

Cut flowers on the dining room table from Bill's Memorial Service

Peace Plant received for Bill's Viewing from Larry's sisters

Orchid received from Jeff and Elias for Bill's Memorial Service

Dahlias and Hydrangeas in our garden

Beautiful Dahlia close-up

Joe, David and a friend of David's came by for a visit to check
out Larry's boot collection, then we went to lunch in the Castro.

Friend, Larry, David and Joe

Taking the bus back up the hill from the Castro

Toward the end of June, Lexx King, a friend who
Larry has known for many years, moved into the house.

On the last Sunday of June, Larry and Lexx joined our friend,
Norman Cuccio, to view the Gay Pride Parade on Market Street.

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