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To help you find our older items, which are in our archive, each item is listed according to where most of it occurred:

Bill & Larry

Road Trip 2009
Our month long trip to the Rockies, Canada, the Midwest and the Southwest.
June 16 - July 17, 2009
Across Canada by Train, plus Washington DC
A few days in Vancouver, across Canada by train, a week in Toronto, and then a visit to Washington, D.C., and nearby countryside.
May 18 - June 11, 2007
Road Trip to the East Coast
We drove all the way to the Atlantic Ocean, and back! Follow our monthlong journey through 20 states.
May 22 - June 22, 2005
Photos of Larry in 2004
Larry in San Francisco, Europe, Canada, Washington State, the mountains of Northern California, and Moab, Utah - it's a wonderful year in review.
On Being Several Places at Once
Cool places to visit where states and nations come together.
June, 1987 - August, 2004
Larry Visits Chicago
Larry's makes a pilgrimage to our old stomping grounds, checking out WZRD, riding the El, and visiting with friends.
May 27 & 28, 2003
Bill Discovers Distant Asphalt Cousins
Spotting one was a complete surprise and almost caused us to have a wreck!
1980s - 2002
Trip to the Midwest
For our vacation we drove to Michigan and back, making many fun stops along the way!
July 12 through August 3, 2001
Foliage! - New England and Atlantic Canada
The fall of 1997 was the most fantastic season for color in decades!
October, 1997
As Down East as You Can Get
This is the easternmost point in the United States.
October, 1997
Barefoot up Mount Monadnock
Can one say he really knows a beautiful mountain, without having felt it, too?
July 18, 1996
At Mile Zero
This is the monument where the Alaska Highway begins.
July 9, 1990

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