Tour of the British Isles

August 5-25, 2011

We spent three weeks touring England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland.  Beginning in London, we traveled north to Scotland, then south- westerly to Wales, then across the Irish Sea by ferry to Ireland.  After a week in Ireland we took the ferry back across Saint George's Channel and spent another day in Wales and two days in southwestern England before heading back to London.

The trip was with Globus Tours and it was well organized and very informative!  It was great to have everything arranged for us.  We stayed in very nice hotels, got to see some beautiful scenery, lots of important places and many interesting landmarks.  We feel we got a very good overall view of the four countries.

There were 44 people on the tour, 34 from Australia, 8 from the United States, and 2 from Canada.  It was a friendly and fun-loving group, and we had a good time together.  Our tour director, Geoff, was fantastic, offering interesting history, stories, and songs as we traveled across the countryside.  The coach was comfortable, had large windows which were great for sight-seeing, and our driver, Harry, was excellent at handling the coach, even on the narrowest roads.  Altogether, it was a great adventure!

We lucked out on the weather, too!  Often the weather would change several times during the day.  It could be a beautiful sunny day and then clouds would move in and it'd be gray and drizzly, or it could be showery and quickly turn to sunshine.  However, only twice did we have to get on our rain gear to venture out.  It rained mostly while we were on the coach or in our hotels.

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We hope you enjoy the trip with us!

Part 1 - Trip to London and our time in London

Part 2 - England, London to Scotland

Part 3 - Scotland

Part 4 - More of England and Northern Wales

Part 5 - Ireland

Part 6 - More of Wales and Southwest England

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