Bill & Larry's Adventures
San Francisco - 2003-2005

To help you find our older items, which are in our archive, each item is listed according to where most of it occurred:

Bill & Larry

Around Home - Fall 2005
New living room and bedroom furniture, Bill's birthday photo, Christmas color.
November 20 - December 24, 2005
Trees and Garden
Our sugar maple in its fall foliage, our garden flowers, and our planter box roses.
September 26, 2005
Photos Around Home in Summer 2005
We take a few photos to check out our new camera. Look for better photos in the future here!
August 31, 2005
San Francisco Gay Pride Day 2005
Photos of us and our friends at the Pride Parade and Civic Center fair.
June 28, 2005
Spring 2005 Photos
Bill briefly grows his beard out, plus various photos around town.
February 14 - April 8, 2005
Winter 2005 Photos
Friends, and of course, flowers.
January 8 - February 16, 2005
Fall 2004 Photos
Great flower blooms this year! And photos from Bill's birthday.
November 10 - December 6, 2004
Folsom Weekend
Friends gather to celebrate this annual event in San Francisco.
September 23 & 25, 2004
Images from Gay Day 2004
Three photos we took that day, including one of Larry's banner.
June 27, 2004
Haight Ashbury Street Fair
With friends we get in touch with our hippie sides.
June 13, 2004
Spring 2004 Yard Photos
Plant photos, and our HDTV antenna farm.
May 11 and June 5, 2004
Spring in Golden Gate Park
A visit to the park at its peak.
April 24, 2004
Our New 2004 Honda Accord
We get a new car!
April 17, 2004
A St. Patrick's Day Hike up Twin Peaks
The hills are as green as St. Pat could want, the irises are out, and we climb to the view with our friend Scott Nagel.
March 17, 2004
Winter 2004
Larry on his 60th birthday, and photos of so many flowers in bloom, who would believe it is "winter"?
December 20, 2003 - March 17, 2004
Christmas Party
Seven friends bring favorite dishes to an old fashioned Christmas dinner.
December 25, 2003
Construction Next Door
Down with the old, up with the new! The house adjoining our house to the south is replaced with a new one.
April 1 - November 23, 2003
Images of Fall
Our tomato harvest, fall foliage in the yard, a sunset walk on Twin Peaks, and a friend with very long hair.
September 30 - November 23, 2003
Bill's 57th Birthday
Several friends join us in celebration.
November 22, 2003
Folsom Week
A week of parties, camaraderie, and more parties and camaraderie!
September 22-29, 2003
Images from Summer 2003
Larry's new banner in the parade and other images of summer.
June 28 - August 25, 2003
Images from Winter 2003
Larry's birthday, our plum tree and amaryllises in flower, and visitors Mark and Ted from Washington DC and Christian and Eric from Europe.
January 5 - March 10, 2003

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