Our Tomato Plants


Larry bought 12 tomato plants on March 18th at the San Francisco Flower and
Garden Show.  He planted six of them outside in the redwood planter box in the
garden and the other six were planted in planter boxes in the living room in
front of the tall windows.  There are three tomato varieties this year.  We have
four each of Sweet 100 Cherry, Sun Gold Cherry and Stupice Heirloom.

These photos were taken on March 25th, a week after the tomatoes were planted.

These are the six plants in the garden.

These are the six plants in the living room.  Note how they
are already much taller than the plants out in the garden.

The plants in the garden are more bushy with stronger stems.
They have already developed a few blossoms as you see here.

The liiving room plants have developed blossoms, too. Lots of them!

These next pictures were taken on April 4th. The living room plants
have been growing like crazy, but their stems are really skinny.

But they have lots of blossoms! Will the stems be able to handle the weight?

The garden plants are growing, but much more slowly.

They have a few blossoms and stronger stems.

On April 8th Larry spotted this... our first tomato!

A closer shot of the tomato.  It's actually about the size of a dime.

On April 15th, Larry spotted five more little tomatoes in the living room.

The newest tomato is in the upper left, but you can see the first
tomato that was spotted a week ago down in the lower right.

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