A driving trip to Las Vegas and Zion, Bryce,
Glen, Antelope and Grand Canyons

April 7 - 16, 2013

This gallery of photos is from our driving trip to Las Vegas and then on to Zion, Bryce, Glen, Antelope and Grand Canyons for 10 days in early April, 2013.  The majority of the photos are of scenery seen along the way from the car and at the various parks.  We invite you to sit back and enjoy the beautiful views.

The photos in this gallery are displayed in order.  After looking at a photo, simply click on that photo to see the next one.  Below each large photo you'll find small thumb nail versions of the next 10 photos.  If you want to move ahead, click on the thumb nail of the photo that you want to see next, and you will skip ahead to that photo.

You can only go back by clicking the "Back" button on your browser, so it's best not to skip around too much.

Many of the photos are accompanied by descriptions.  The descriptions are shown above the large photos and, on some browsers, they can also be seen by placing your mouse pointer over the small thumb nail versions of the photos.

We have separated the gallery into several parts so that you can view them one at a time, if you wish. Links are provided below.

When you reach the last photo, clicking on that photo will bring you back to this page again.

We hope you enjoy the trip with us!

Part 1 - Driving to Las Vegas

Part 2 - Las Vegas and National Association of Broadcasters Convention

Part 3 - Zion National Park

Part 4 - Bryce National Park

Part 5 - Glen and Antelope Canyon

Part 6 - Grand Canyon

Part 7 - Our drive home

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