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To help you find our older items, which are in our archive, each item is listed according to where most of it occurred:

Bill & Larry

A Week in Hawaii
We spend another week in Hawaii on the island of Oahu hiking, exploring and enjoying good food.
Road Trip to Poppy Reserve and Las Vegas
We drove to the California Poppy Reserve near Lancaster and then on to Las Vegas, and we returned by driving up the coast.
March, 2009
Trip to Nevada and Oregon
A road trip up through the Sierras of California into Nevada, north through the desert and then across Oregon and down the coast.
October 19-25, 2008
Fall Trip to the Southwest
A road trip to Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico, including visits to various Indian sites, the Grand Canyon, and Las Vegas.
October 10-28, 2005
A Week in Hawaii
Touring around Kauai and Oahu, and taking a hike up inside Waikiki's Diamond Head crater to its rim.
March 29 - April 6, 2005
A Two Week Trip to Utah
Hiking and sightseeing in Nevada and Utah, spending over a week around the Arches and Canyonlands environs near Moab, Utah.
September 29 - October 14, 2004
Road Trip to Vancouver Island
A road trip through Oregon and Washington to Vancouver Island.
July 6-21, 2004
Trip to Las Vegas
Casinos, casinos, and more casinos! Of course!
October 7-10, 2003
Trip to the Northwest
Twelve days in northern California, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia.
July 7-18, 2003
A Swing Through the Northwest
Includes Promontory Point, Yellowstone, and two historic towns.
August, 1999
Chaco Canyon
It's the United States' largest Indian ruin and few Americans have seen it.
September 25, 1998
Pacific Northwest Vacation
Larry in Oregon, Washington, Montana and British Columbia.
July, 1997
Signs You're in Montana
The "no daytime speed limit" signs, plus a sign we caught that drew laughter.
July, 1997

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