Christmas 2014

Our Christmas lights, taken on the night of the full moon.
We use "old fashioned" candles in the windows and on
the outside we use the larger bulbs in the light strings.
LED bulbs were used in the string at the balcony windows.

Bill is standing at the corner of our home.

The entryway stairs

The fence along the sidewalk next to our garden.

This is the photo we used on our email Christmas greeting.

On Christmas Day, Chris Elliott and his husband-to-be, Moy, joined us for the day.
Before dinner we went out and enjoyed the sunshine with a trip up to Twin Peaks.
Here we are at the observation area with the city behind us.
Left to Right: Bill, Larry, Moy and Chris

Bill and Larry

Moy and Chris

We then drove over to Lands End overlooking the Golden Gate.
Here are Moy and Chris with the Golden Gate Bridge behind them.

Golden Gate Bridge

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