National Beard and Mustache Competition

Bend, Oregon
June 4-5, 2010

Part 1 of 8

The first National Beard and Mustache Competition was sponsored by Beard Team USA
and held in Bend, Oregon.  BTUSA has 50 local chapters located throughout the
United States, and these chapters organize their own meetings and events.  BTUSA
promotes various facial hair events, such as this competition, and the worldwide
appreciation of facial hair, fun and friendship among their members and others.

The photos on the following pages were taken during our trip to Bend, in Bend during
the competition, and on our trip back home to San Francisco.  We hope you enjoy this
great display of beards and mustaches in all their glory.   They're outstanding!

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We spent a night in Weed, California, at the foot of Mt. Shasta.  The mountain was
covered in clouds, but we saw this rainbow over the mountain from our hotel room.

The view of Mt. Shasta the next morning

Friday afternoon there was a beer tasting and tour at the Deschutes Brewery in Bend

Our bearded tour guide, Aaron Calihan, a member of
COMBS, the Central Oregon Mustache and Beard Society.

Tanks used in the beer making process

"Our group" at the competition - our hosts and their visitors for the weekend:
L-R - Shawn Hasson, Bill, Jordan Rail, Dan O'Neil and Steve Kenison-our hosts,
and Jon Appleby.  Shawn, Jordan and Jon are from Fresno, California.

Bill was interviewed live on the KTVZ Channel 21 5 O'Clock News

Cameraman, Bill and Reporter from Channel 21

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