San Francisco Home and Garden Show

San Mateo Convention Center

March 20, 2015

Ken Gourley joined us for a day at the Home and Garden Show.

This is the main hall of the show.  Several beautiful gardens were on display.

Bill and Ken are checking out the flowers on the largest garden.

Bill and Larry

Close up shot from the same location.

This garden showed what you can do with slate and stone.
The red object next to Bill is a fountain where water flows down the sides of it.

Ken loved the old man statue in this garden.

Larry checks out the grass bunny.

Ken is trying to hide in this beautiful display of flowers and citrus.

Larry bought 12 tomato plants at the garden show.  We didn't
get any pictures of the plants there, but take a look at
Our Tomato Plants 2015 gallery and you can watch them grow.

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