Bill & Larry's Adventures
Bay Area

To help you find our older items, which are in our archive, each item is listed according to where most of it occurred:

Bill & Larry

A Day with Steve
We go with our friend Steve to Ocean Beach
and to Muir Woods.
April 26, 2007
Ken and Mitch's Visit
We visit Muir Woods, Muir Beach, and the Novato Renaissance Faire!
July 8 & 10, 2005
Adam Shovel's Visit
Touring around the area, and some great pictures from the Monterey Bay Aquarium.
February 18 and 21, 2004
Bob Evans's Visit
Touring around the area, and a visit with Duke and Rat in Santa Rosa.
January 23-30, 2004
To Muir Woods and Nearby Headlands
We have a fun day in Muir Woods' redwoods and on the nearby Pacific coast with friends from Washington, D.C., and London.
July 3, 2001
Rick Martin's Visit
Our friend Rick from Chicago came by to visit and we went up to Point Reyes for a day. Here are about 30 photos from our trip along this beautiful part of the coast.
May 10, 2001
A Trip to the Monterey Peninsula
We took a trip down the coast with friends Frank, Markus, and Jody, visiting Point Lobos State Reserve and Monterey.
December, 2000

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