Trip to Japan


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In October of 2018, Louis Chiofalo and Larry flew to Japan for a very interesting vacation.
We spent a day in Tokyo then took the train to the beautiful area of Hakone, near
Mt. Fuji, for a few days. We then continued the train trip on the world's fastest train,
the high speed Bullet Train, the Shinkansen, to Osaka and Kyoto. We then returned
to Tokyo for the final days of our trip, again on the high speed Shinkansen.

Here are the pictures from our trip!

Louis at the United Lounge prior to our flight

Larry's seat in the Polaris lounge on our United 777

All settled in and ready to go.

Shinjuku Station in Tokyo where we arrived by train from the airport.

Yes, we have arrived in Tokyo!

We walked from Shinjuku Station to our hotel as we checked out the views

We arrive at our hotel

The view from our room

After a good night's sleep, we're ready for our trip to Hakone. Our train awaits!

Larry and Louis are ready to go!

All aboard!

Our hotel in Hakone

Our beautiful room!

Larry dressed in his Japanese komono

Hotel grounds

Outdoor lobby of our hotel

Cocktail time in the hotel lobby

Tne next day we go to the start of the Hakone tramway and get in line for a ride.

We're off on our tramway trip

We hope the rain clears up so that we have a good view.

We pass high above a mine

We're at the view point where we have to change to another tram car.

We're off on the second leg of our tram ride.

After we arrive at the tram terminal we decide to take a sail around the lake on this ship.

Boarding the ship

The view from the ship as we travel along the lake

At the south end of the lake some passengers embark and another group boards

The view from the ship's pilot deck

We pass a construction site where we see lots of pedal swan boats for rent.

We're back at the tramway terminal after our enjoyable ship ride.

Back on the tramway in a car decorated for Halloween

We're back at the place where we change tram cars

The neighborhood near our hotel

The following day the clouds clear and we get to see this beautiful view of Mt. Fuji

Our stay in Hakone comes to an end as we board the high speed bullet train for Osaka.

Our view from our seat on the bullet train

Views of Mt. Fuji from the train

We arrive in Osaka

Our hotel lobby

Our giude on our first guided tour of the trip gives us an idea of what's to come.

We arrive at the bamboo forest

The group goes into another park, one of a historical nature.
I'd give more details, but I can't remember them.

The following photos were all taken in the Japanese park

Taken from the bus enroute to another park showing a Japanese neighborhood

This next park had deer running free all over the property.

This park has several beautiful buildings to visit.

Inside this building we found religious and military statues

On the way to dinner we see from the bus a decorative port and a cruise ship

The next day we took the walking tour of Osaka. Here's our guide for the walk carrying a flag so we wouldn't lose her in the crowds.

We see modern office biuldings, travel through a shopping mall and a business district

This young man, dressed in casual Japanese clothing, gave us a talk about the shops in the area.

We had lunch in a local restaurant

Then we walked through more of the business district.

We passed a canel with a tour boat passing through.

Leaving the business district we find an tall office building or hotel, apartments and lots of street traffic.

The next day Louis and Larry went out on their own to visit the Yamazato Citadel and Osaka Castle.

We had to cross the river to get to Osaka Castle.

There was a beautiful garden surrounding the castle

Japan photos will continue

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