Our Tomato Plants


April 7 - Four tomato plants are planted in the box on the deck

April 8 - Trellis installed

April 11 - Six tomato plants are planted in boxes on the balcony

One plant already has small tomatoes growing on it

April 16 - Nine days of growth

One tomato spotted

May 6 - Plants are growing fast!

More tomatoes have shown up

The six plants on our balcony are doing well, too

These tomatoes on the balcony are growing quickly

May 29 - Update

Deck plants are growing very well

Balcony plant tomatoes are getting very large

June 15 - There is a lot more growth on the deck plants

Close up shot of the blossoms. The plants are loaded with them!

The plants on the balcony are doing well, too.

And we're starting to see some red on the tomatoes!

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