Construction Next Door

Part 1 of 2

These are photos of the demolition of the house to the
south of us, and the construction of a new house there.

The roof of the top floor has been taken down by hand.
April 1, 2003

View from our back yard of the top floor being removed.
April 3, 2003

The front wall of the top floor has now been removed.
April 3, 2003

Large backhoe begins ripping away the front
of the first two floors.
April 9, 2003

Knocking down the top floor's floor.
April 9, 2003

The machine crawls over the demolished front
of the house to get at the back.
April 9, 2003

The back yard comes into view as the back is crushed.
The house is almost all gone now, reduced to a pile of
rubble. Notice the men's shadows. It is not even noon yet.
April 9, 2003

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