Signs You're in Montana

Sign at the State Line

This sign greeted us at the state line.
At the time, Montana had no daytime speed limit.

Reasonable and Prudent

Actually, we found Montanans to drive slower
than folks in many other states, and their
speed limits in town were quite low.
Their lack of a specified speed limit appeared
to be borne more out of a respect for individual judgment
and for one another than it did out of a daredevil attitude.

We must admit it was pleasant to drive what was safe
and not have to constantly eye the speedometer
during our visit to Montana in July, 1997.

Sign at the City Limits

This is the sign you'd see
when you left a town.

Speed Limit - Night 55

Don't Pick the Trees!

In California, we are told not to pick flowers.
In logging country, folks set their sights a bit bigger.

Tree Removal Prohibited

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