Near Haena State Park cars have to ford a stream flowing across the road.

The beach at Haena State Park How many birds can you count? Another view of the beach at Haena State Park We checked out Waikanaloa Cave across the road for the park. We had lunch at the park and Bill shared some of his nuts with some - feathered friends. He had to break them up before they could eat them.
He used the bottom of his Coke bottle as a nut crusher. Another beautiful Kauai beach Kilauea Point Overlook is a great place to spot whales, they say, but we didn't see any. We're going to drive out to that lighthouse next. This area is all part of the Kilauea National Wildlife Refuge - and all of those white spots are birds.
These are nenes, the state bird of Hawaii. This is the lighthouse that you saw before from a distance.

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