The ball game is still going on
and there's quite a carnival going on in the streets, too.

The el is, well, 'elevated'. A look up at the scoreboard. On October 20, 1976, we met in this restaurant, Sawa's Old Warsaw. - We were delighted to see it was still there. - Web pages about it say it is now 'an institution'. - Does this mean we are now an institution? It was fitting that Rick - our longest time friend to know us both - could join us. We had to pose in front of the sign! - The menu and internal decor were exactly the same as we remembered.
This is our friend Mark Simon from the late 1970s. - He hadn't changed a bit! And this is our friend Noel Williams from the late 1970s. - He had long blond hair back then and was skinny as a rail. - He had changed so much we wouldn't have known him. Noel's pet.  A rabbit! Bill, April (Noel's wife), Noel, and Mark. Bill, Noel, Mark, and Larry.
When we got to Bill's sister Lucy's in Iowa City - they drug out this newspaper article - and suggested we all go get lost in a corn maze! The corn was taller than we were - so you couldn't see over it. - We joked that only Iowans would go out in a cornfield - at midday when it was sunny and 90 degrees. Off to explore America! - We really moaned when we passed by 'four CORNers'. Lucy's dog acts like a dog - and her cat, totally disinterested, acts like a cat. Lucy and Bill.

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