On October 20, 1976, we met in this restaurant, Sawa's Old Warsaw.
We were delighted to see it was still there.
Web pages about it say it is now 'an institution'.
Does this mean we are now an institution?

It was fitting that Rick - our longest time friend to know us both - could join us. We had to pose in front of the sign! - The menu and internal decor were exactly the same as we remembered. This is our friend Mark Simon from the late 1970s. - He hadn't changed a bit! And this is our friend Noel Williams from the late 1970s. - He had long blond hair back then and was skinny as a rail. - He had changed so much we wouldn't have known him. Noel's pet.  A rabbit!
Bill, April (Noel's wife), Noel, and Mark. Bill, Noel, Mark, and Larry. When we got to Bill's sister Lucy's in Iowa City - they drug out this newspaper article - and suggested we all go get lost in a corn maze! The corn was taller than we were - so you couldn't see over it. - We joked that only Iowans would go out in a cornfield - at midday when it was sunny and 90 degrees. Off to explore America! - We really moaned when we passed by 'four CORNers'.
Lucy's dog acts like a dog - and her cat, totally disinterested, acts like a cat. Lucy and Bill. A close-up of Lucy and Bill. Halfway across Iowa we came upon someone's huge model train layout. - This was their rendition of San Francisco. The AAA book shows a 'pioneer museum' in every county! - We'll go see the one in Minden, Nebraska - because two different people said it was the best.

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