When we got to Bill's sister Lucy's in Iowa City
they drug out this newspaper article
and suggested we all go get lost in a corn maze!

The corn was taller than we were - so you couldn't see over it. - We joked that only Iowans would go out in a cornfield - at midday when it was sunny and 90 degrees. Off to explore America! - We really moaned when we passed by 'four CORNers'. Lucy's dog acts like a dog - and her cat, totally disinterested, acts like a cat. Lucy and Bill. A close-up of Lucy and Bill.
Halfway across Iowa we came upon someone's huge model train layout. - This was their rendition of San Francisco. The AAA book shows a 'pioneer museum' in every county! - We'll go see the one in Minden, Nebraska - because two different people said it was the best. Harold Warp's Pioneer Village - This dude had more transportation vehicles - than anyone we've ever seen.  He even had - a replica of the Wright Brothers plane. This collection had to be worth a fortune. - What was weird for Bill was he went to high school - with a kid named 'Harold Warp' and at some point - he realized this stuff belonged to HIM! The exhibits were set about a round grassy plaza.
Larry gets nostalgic in the one room school house. This is the oldest merry-go-round in the United States. - It is powered by the steam engine you see. Heading west, we run into some showers. The plains are coming to an end.  Mountains appear. The plains meet the front range at Colorado Springs.

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