This park spent a LOT of money to make sure we stayed on the trail.

No beach here!  The Lake Superior shoreline here was cliffs. Miner's Rock. - It's kind of ugly, actually. Miner's Falls. - Nice! With us along, the two Johns - got some photos taken of the two of them, too. Three longhairs, each with his own distinctive mane.
On the third morning of our road trip - we came to this lighthouse in Escanaba. - The plywood lady is a replica of the lady - who lived in the lighthouse in the late 1800s. Larry, Bill, and John L. Now it's time to devour pasties! Pasty rhymes with 'grass tea', and it's like a pot pie - but cooked like a burrito rather than in a pie tin. We chose to attack the pasties with forks instead of fingers.
A close-up of one of the buggers.  Half devoured. - The pasties were really good at this place. In late afternoon we came to the locks at Sault Ste. Marie. - The buildings in the distance are in Canada. A tour boat coming from the east is about to lock through! Just before the boat came, people had been walking across the lock. The lock began to open.

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