Miner's Falls.

With us along, the two Johns - got some photos taken of the two of them, too. Three longhairs, each with his own distinctive mane. On the third morning of our road trip - we came to this lighthouse in Escanaba. - The plywood lady is a replica of the lady - who lived in the lighthouse in the late 1800s. Larry, Bill, and John L. Now it's time to devour pasties!
Pasty rhymes with 'grass tea', and it's like a pot pie - but cooked like a burrito rather than in a pie tin. We chose to attack the pasties with forks instead of fingers. A close-up of one of the buggers.  Half devoured. - The pasties were really good at this place. In late afternoon we came to the locks at Sault Ste. Marie. - The buildings in the distance are in Canada. A tour boat coming from the east is about to lock through!
Just before the boat came, people had been walking across the lock. The lock began to open. Wave to the tourists! Looking west, as the boat departs. - It has passed from Lake Huron into Lake Superior. John S. liked this photo he captured of Bill.

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