It's a tight squeeze for our coach and this car to pass We are arriving in Plymouth.  This is the Drake Circus Shopping Center with the roof designed as sails Downtown Plymouth This is where the Pilgrims left on the Mayflower for America to establish a new Plymouth The steps at Plymouth harbor where the pilgrims departed back in 1620
Larry is standing on the Mayflower Steps at Plymouth harbor Our hotel for the next two nights, the Plymouth Holiday Inn In Hoe Park across the street from our hotel is another huge ferris wheel There is also a memorial statue for the Royal Air Force
There is also a lighthouse overlooking Plymouth Sound Below the park on the sound is an open fresh water public pool The Royal Citadel built in 1665.  It was the most important English - defense for over 100 years with its 70 foot high walls. Across Plymouth Sound we see an old castle tower on the hilltop

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