Friday, October 1: -  - Today we headed across Utah, first on US 50, then on I-70 from Salina to Green River.  The sign at the entrance to the interstate in Salina said, 'No services for the next 110 miles.'  We were introduced to some beautiful, but really desolate country as we crossed Utah.  There were several view points where we stopped to take pictures. -  - We had lunch in Green River then headed south on US 191 to Moab, arriving at about 2 pm.  We went to the visitors' center for a map and then went to the Moab Adventure Inn where we had reservations.  Just as we got there, Chuck Edmondson, our friend from Jacksonville, Florida, arrived.  He'd been out on a hike.  We checked in and got room 21... our home for the next 10 days. -  - Chuck had selected the motel.  He'd stayed there before and liked it.  It was a nice place with nice proprietors, Jim and Kris, a husband and wife team who lived in the unit behind the office. They were both rock climbers, and their love of that sport had brought them to Moab. The motel had a courtyard with tables for picnicking, but we didn't use them too much.  The main street of Moab is almost as busy as an Interstate highway, because it is the only route that makes it across the badlands for hundreds of miles.  Large trucks rumbled by day and night. -  - During the next week we would do a lot of hiking and sightseeing.  We would get up and leave for breakfast around 8:30 and then head out someplace.  Sometimes we took a lunch; sometimes we returned to town for lunch.  There were lots of restaurants along Moab's Main Street, so we got quite a variety of food to eat.  Most of the time we had dinner there, too.  A couple of the restaurants had Internet access and that's where we'd check our email every few days. Bright foliage just east of Salina. - The band of smoke was from a truck ahead of us.
Look carefully, and you'll see me way out near the end of this snaking bluff. - What you see where I am is a dark vertical line. Now I'm on the very top of the bluff. - Look for a dark spot amidst the tall grasses.

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