Pohaku Rocks
People often put leis around the necks of statues.
We saw that in Hawaii several times.

Diamond Head as seen from the park. Walking near the Honolulu Zoo Looking north from Kapahulu Avenue Apartment buildings in Waikiki and Jefferson Elementary School - as seen from Kapahulu Avenue and Ala Wai Boulevard. Looking west along the Ala Wai Canal
Our hotel, the Ohana Waikiki Malia. - Our room is in the center of the photo - to the left of the tall tree. Interesting sign Note the rainbow behind Bill as seen from our patio. Another view of the rainbow. Nap time?
April 4 - We start our trip around Oahu with a hike at Diamond Head. - The map shows the trail up the crater wall. - To climb the crater you drive through a tunnel to a parking lot inside of it. - The trail then ascends to the rim inside of the crater. We certainly weren't alone on the trail. The trail wound gradually up the side of the crater wall. We started to see nice views at we climbed higher. - It was surprisingly hot inside of the crater, because there were none - of the usual Hawaiian ocean breezes inside of it. Being encircled - 360 degrees by hills cut off all winds, and heat just - built up in there under a hot tropical sun. Some of the trail consisted of lots of steps.

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