The trees were seen in many places on Kauai. Hanapepe River Canyon as seen from a roadside overlook. The swinging foot bridge across the Hanapepe River in the town of Hanapepe.
Larry even walked out on the bridge after Bill promised not to make it swing. The view from the swinging bridge. Colorful flowers seen near the bridge. What's left of an old Russian fort near Hanapepe. Interesting rock formations
This shows the way to the National Bureau of Standards Time Station - WWVH, which we visited when we were here 25 years ago. - The two national time stations (the other one is in Colorado) are exceptions - to the rule that stations west of the Mississippi River start with K instead of W. Look closely on the horizon and you'll see Niihau, an island about 20 miles west of Kauai. Some beautiful bougainvillea seen along the highway. Other colorful flowers... don't know what they are.

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