Here comes Larry's morning coffee. That's a hibiscus plant behind Bill.

The view of the ocean and pool as seen from our lanai. Another visitor.  We don't know what type bird it is, but it wasn't afraid of us. Notice how the bird is camouflaged against the carpet of the lanai! - Bill joked that they evolved to forage on this carpet. Bill is watching our visitor. We found these wild chickens and roosters at a view point.  They can be seen all - over Kauai. They got blown from their coops in a hurricane and have been surviving - in the wild since then. Some of the roosters we saw had really beautiful colors.
Larry at the view point north of Kapaa on Kauai's eastern shore. More chickens at the view point Coastal mountains as seen from the car window driving north along the eastern shore. Another view point, on the north side of the island, - overlooking taro fields with beautiful mountains in the distance. Another view of the taro fields
Bill and our Pontiac Grand Prix rental car Note all of the waterfalls Crossing a one lane bridge Near Haena State Park cars have to ford a stream flowing across the road.

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