The Wyoming-Nebraska state line

Nebraska is definitely flat. The Great Platte River Road Archway Monument. -  Built across America's busiest east-west highway, it's a museum paying - tribute to the pioneers' westward journey and America's freedom of mobility. Wednesday, May 25 - After spending the night near Grand Island, Nebraska, - we arrive in Omaha.  We drive through the city to check it out.
Approaching Des Moines, Iowa The Iowa State Capitol Thursday, May 26 - We spent the night in Dubuque, Iowa, then stopped at the - AAA office for maps.  While Bill was inside Larry spotted a bunny... ... and lots of television transmission towers.
Crossing the Mississippi River as we leave Iowa We enter Illinois on the other side of the river. Thursday afternoon we settle into the Chicago Hyatt - Regency Hotel for the International Mr. Leather convention. -  Here we find Larry getting his boots shined by Andrew.

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