I-80 in western Wyoming

Clouds are building up to the southeast. Passing through a small Wyoming town -- can't remember which one. We see many interesting rock formations along the highway. We go through one of the formations via a tunnel.
Some of the clouds look a bit threatening, but we don't get any rain. We stopped for a break and took a walk to stretch - our legs.  We found lilacs blooming everywhere! About 35 miles out of Rawlins we see thunderstorms ahead. - Just after we got our motel room in Rawlins it poured for about a half hour. Tuesday, May 24 - East of Rawlins we get into the rolling cow - country of Wyoming.  Note all of the snow fences.
We saw lots of these Union Pacific trains as we passed through Cheyenne. The Wyoming-Nebraska state line Nebraska is definitely flat. The Great Platte River Road Archway Monument. -  Built across America's busiest east-west highway, it's a museum paying - tribute to the pioneers' westward journey and America's freedom of mobility.

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