Construction Next Door

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Bill and our friend from Chicago, Rick Martin, look at the empty lot, and the south wall of our house. That wall had not been seen since 1939, and it had never been painted. The demolished house was only about half as deep as ours is. Notice how the unpainted wall is only half of our total south wall.

April 13, 2003

Larry decides to walk all the way around our house. This was the only time this has ever been done. Realtors talk up "detached houses" as being a feature of value in this town where most houses touch others. We joked that at last we owned a detached house in San Francisco. We did not paint our newly exposed south wall. That made no sense since the new house would cover it long before the fall rains would begin.

April 13, 2003

Unusual view of "the other 21st Street" from our back yard. We normally see this street only from our front windows, and seeing it from the back yard seemed very strange. Note the house to the south of the empty lot. It was built just two years ago, and the contractor did not even finish the wall. It had plastic flapping around on its wall, even. This made the owners of this brand new house feel really good about the quality of its construction. The contractor had no idea this would be exposed to his purchasers so soon, because the house just torn down had that happen because the people who had lived there since the 1950s had unexpectedly died.

April 21, 2003

The new house will have a deeper foundation than ours, so our foundation had to be underpinned at their expense. The holes you see there will be filled with concrete, and then the remaining dirt areas will be removed and also filled with concrete, making our foundation go much deeper than it went before.

April 29, 2003

Construction of the new house's lowest floor,
as seen looking west from our back yard.
May 15, 2003

And here's our new neighbor, all completed!
November 23, 2003

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