Along Highway 97 in far northern California

Bill and Mt. Shasta, again looking south With our hosts Jim and Tim in Bend, Oregon This is what happens if you put nuts on your belly - At Lava Butte south of Bend, Oregon - July 8, 2004
Looking into the Lava Butte crater Snow-capped mountains of the Cascades to the west Looking north toward Bend
Now taking a stroll around the cinder cone's crater Note the dark red color of the crater's interior Stonehenge full-size replica in Maryhill, Washington - Unlike the original in England, this one is not missing any pieces It overlooks the Columbia River gorge with high mountains to the south and north - so it never sees a solstice sunrise or sunset. The sun is in the west in all of these photos - to give those with an interest an orientation. The monument is actually 4 degrees out of alignment - because when it was built, its significance as an astronomical tool was not yet known, - and precise alignment was not seen as critical.

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