Looking into the Lava Butte crater

Snow-capped mountains of the Cascades to the west Looking north toward Bend Now taking a stroll around the cinder cone's crater
Note the dark red color of the crater's interior Stonehenge full-size replica in Maryhill, Washington - Unlike the original in England, this one is not missing any pieces It overlooks the Columbia River gorge with high mountains to the south and north - so it never sees a solstice sunrise or sunset. The sun is in the west in all of these photos - to give those with an interest an orientation. The monument is actually 4 degrees out of alignment - because when it was built, its significance as an astronomical tool was not yet known, - and precise alignment was not seen as critical.
The plaques you see on the walls honor World War I war dead - from the small county where the monument is located. Our car experiences its first astronomical convergence. As you can see, this is not a tourist hot spot. - Its isolated location surely doesn't help its draw.

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