It's Tuesday, April 9th and we're on the monorail headed for the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The Wynn, Trump Tower and Encore Hotels seen from the monorail. The Palazzo Hotel with Trump Tower in the distance. We arrive at the massive convention center for the National Association of Broadcasters convention. The halls were crowded and all the well know names in broadcasting were there.
Computer and internet companies were also at the convention. Many companies from foreign countries were exhibiting. There were plenty of demonstrations to watch.  Here a company - shows how to make a complete set using just a green screen.  Note the - images on the monitors compared to the lady in front of the green screen. NEC from Japan showed off their 8K HDTV system.  It's four times - better than our present HD picture.  You really had to look carefully - to see what was live and what was 8K HD.  Yes, it's that good! Anyone need a clock?

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