Computer and internet companies were also at the convention. Many companies from foreign countries were exhibiting. There were plenty of demonstrations to watch.  Here a company - shows how to make a complete set using just a green screen.  Note the - images on the monitors compared to the lady in front of the green screen. NEC from Japan showed off their 8K HDTV system.  It's four times - better than our present HD picture.  You really had to look carefully - to see what was live and what was 8K HD.  Yes, it's that good! Anyone need a clock?
Complete studio installations with switchers, cameras, audio consoles, - and monitors were set up to demonstrate a company's new equipment. Companies were there for every imaginable area of broadcasting, from microphones to satellite equipment. We spent two days roaming the exhibit halls and must have walked several miles - in the process.  We used the monorail going to and from the convention center.

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