We spent the night in Bakersfield and awoke to light rain. Here you can see
the rain drops on the windshield as we continue east on CA Route 58.

About an hour and a half east of Bakersfield, on the eastern side of the - Tehachapi Mountains, the rain stopped and the clouds started to break up. A flowering Joshua tree. One of many frieght trains seen during our trip. We had started to feel the strong gusty winds that were predicted once - we got into the desert and also started seeing these huge dust clouds. - Here you see a patch of rain next to the dust cloud. More dust clouds can be seen ahead.
We pulled off the highway into this small town to get drinks. - You can really see the size of the dust cloud here. As we drove through the dust, you could hear the sand hitting - the windshield.  Here you can see the sand blowing across the - highway, too, like you see snow does when it first starts to snow. After about an hour or so, the dust clouds disappeared and the visibility improved quite a bit. More flowering Joshua trees. We're now on Interstate 15 heading for Las Vegas, Nevada.

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