We had started to feel the strong gusty winds that were predicted once
we got into the desert and also started seeing these huge dust clouds.
Here you see a patch of rain next to the dust cloud.

More dust clouds can be seen ahead. We pulled off the highway into this small town to get drinks. - You can really see the size of the dust cloud here. As we drove through the dust, you could hear the sand hitting - the windshield.  Here you can see the sand blowing across the - highway, too, like you see snow does when it first starts to snow. After about an hour or so, the dust clouds disappeared and the visibility improved quite a bit. More flowering Joshua trees.
We're now on Interstate 15 heading for Las Vegas, Nevada. The California-Nevada state line.  Most of the buildings are on the Nevada side. Approaching Las Vegas. We're now on the Strip headed for Harrah's, our home for the next three days.

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