This one is from 1866.

This one dates back to 1709. This is the oldest non-Indian graffito in the United States. - It was placed by Don Juan de Oņate on '16 de Abril de 1605' - which was 15 years before the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock. - The last four characters are the year - 1605. We see the date of 1692 on this one.
Lots of people inscribed their markings in the 1870s.
Indian ruins atop Inscription Rock. We met Larry's sister and brother-in-law, Pat and George, - in Santa Fe then headed for Bandelier National Monument. - Here Pat stands next to a couple of beautiful Chinese - Maples in Los Alamos where we stopped for lunch. The rock walls at Bandelier where Indians built their dwellings. Bill climbs up the ladder to look inside the dwelling.

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