Wide open spaces as far as you can see across the Arizona desert.

Petrified Forest, Arizona. - Look at the colors! Views of the rock formations seen near the Petrified Forest.
We spent Thursday night in Gallup, New Mexico - ---------- - Friday, October 14 - We're headed south from Gallup toward the Zuni Pueblo. Inscription Rock, New Mexico - Ancient watering hole and graffiti magnet. This one is from 1866. This one dates back to 1709.
This is the oldest non-Indian graffito in the United States. - It was placed by Don Juan de Oņate on '16 de Abril de 1605' - which was 15 years before the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock. - The last four characters are the year - 1605. We see the date of 1692 on this one. Lots of people inscribed their markings in the 1870s.

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