A closeup of two alpacas.

This buffalo was in a ranch's field by the road. Pat, Tracy, George, and Larry at lunch in Wagon Mound - at a restaurant with local ranch brands on the walls. George, Bill, Tracy, and Pat. This buck was seen near the road. Bill and Pat
Dark clouds ahead, as we head east across the plains toward Kansas. Old steam engine in Dodge City, Kansas. For Larry, the name Boot Hill had a certain allure! Alas, there were no boots there. - Or bodies for that matter. Draw, pardner! - Or get outta Dodge!
You could buy a brew in this place - but Miss Kitty and Matt Dillon were nowhere to be found. The village idiot in some small Kansas town - had erected several hundred feet of this attraction - along the side of the road. A close-up of his work. And one more.  That's enough. We stop to see a long-time ham radio friend - Dale Clark in Wellsville, Kansas.

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