Alas, there were no boots there.
Or bodies for that matter.

Draw, pardner! - Or get outta Dodge! You could buy a brew in this place - but Miss Kitty and Matt Dillon were nowhere to be found. The village idiot in some small Kansas town - had erected several hundred feet of this attraction - along the side of the road. A close-up of his work. And one more.  That's enough.
We stop to see a long-time ham radio friend - Dale Clark in Wellsville, Kansas. Bill and Dale in Dale's ham radio shack. Now we're in Kansas City - visiting with our friend Derrell Hankins. Derrell took us to the Arabia Steamboat museum. - It sank in mud in 1876 and they've recovered - lots of merchandise from it. - This is the hardware section of the display. Elegant china looked brand new - not over a hundred years old!
More items retrieved from the wreckage. A replica of the steamboat's paddle wheel. Bryan Choisser and Bill Choisser. - We stopped to see Bryan, Bill's fourth cousin - in Columbia, Missouri. Larry's still interested in boots! - This was across the road - from where we met Bryan in Columbia. Inside the Catholic basilica in St. Louis.

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