We spend our first night in this Quality Inn, right on the Lincoln Highway.

Still in California, but yearning to be in Nevada, - we take a walk eastbound on the Lincoln Highway - for 3/4 of a mile towards the casinos we see. Bill finds himself in a state of Nevada. - He is by the pole that supports the traffic light, by the pine tree. - Poor Larry, who took this photo, has been left in California.
Nevada awaits Larry, just a few yards in front of his toes. Friday, June 21, 2013 -  - Now entering Nevada together in the car, we plunge into our second state. - Remember that pine tree? Lake Tahoe, as seen from U.S. 50 on the lake's eastern (Nevada) side.
Having climbed out of the Tahoe Basin, - the highway now winds its way down a canyon. Now we are about to descend into Nevada's capital, Carson City. - The pine trees have rapidly disappeared.  There aren't many trees here - but they are a lot more than we will soon be seeing. The Lincoln Highway ran through downtown Carson City, but now U.S. 50 bypasses - the downtown.  On the eastern outskirts of the city, we pass the turnoff for historic - Virginia City, once a boomtown for silver mining and now primarily a tourist trap. East of Carson City, U.S. 50, the Lincoln Highway, becomes a two lane road.

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