We're back on the flat land below the hill.

The small beach that's located just to the south of the hill we climbed. We spotted this interesting yellow prickly plant along the trail. This is a view of the hill be climbed as seen from the trail leading to the golf course. Tuesday, April 21 -- We took 'The Bus' to the entrance of Diamond Head crater. - This is the view from the road leading into the crater. You have to walk through this tunnel to get to the inside of the crater. The interior of the crater has a park and a restricted government base. - We're going to climb to that peak you see ahead.
An antenna at the government base. Larry poses next to the park sign. We begin our climb to the peak. You can see the trail and all the people on it. There are a lot of switchbacks.  Fences keep you from falling off the trail. Another shot of the side of the hill.  That's Larry on the lower right at the fence.

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