We're now in Berlin
l-r: Jana, Bill, Frank, Guido
At Jana and Guido's apartment where we stayed

Bill and Larry spent a day walking around the city - We first went to Alexanderplatz - the downtown of the old East Berlin TV transmission tower and observation deck The plaza at Alexanderplatz - We had lunch at the Bistro and Kaffeehaus am Alex We walked down Unter den Linden - It's lined with museums, embassies, - a university, the opera house, shops and cafes Next was Potsdamerplatz - once the busiest square in Europe - reduced to a wasteland after the war
Potsdamerplatz was later divided by the wall - Today it is one big construction zone A huge red 'Info Box' shows photos, films and models - of the past and what the future will be like New buildings line the square - dominated by the huge complexes of - Daimler-Benz, Sony and others How would you like the corner office in this building? Balloon rides are available
You can get a great view of the construction - from the balloon.  This is looking east at what - used to be 'no mans land', the area between the walls At the east end of 'no mans land' - is the famous Brandenburg Gate Nearby is the Reichstag, home of the German Parliament - It's 'For the German People' The Reichstag has been totally remodeled - and is open to the public Here we see Frank and Guido with Bill - in the lobby of the Reichstag

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