Bill & Larry's Europe Trip

August 2000

This is a slide show of our trip to Europe. There are about 200 photographs here. For a narrative about our trip click here:

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Pictures will be displayed in order. After seeing each picture, click on it to see the next one. If you want to skip some, you can see small versions of the next 15 that are coming at the bottom. Click on the first one of those that you want to see, and you will skip ahead.

You can only go back by clicking "back" on your browser, so it's best to not try to skip around.

If you want to stop viewing pictures and come back later to continue, make the place you stop a bookmark or favorite in your web browser. That way you can get back to there without going through all the pictures again.

You may want to maximize your browser window since you will be looking at so many pictures. Get rid of some of the bars of buttons as follows:

  • On Netscape, click on the tiny vertical bar at the left end of each bar you want to collapse.
  • On IE, uncheck the toolbar and status bar under "View".
  • For some browser versions, hitting the "F11" key will switch you in and out of this mode, and that is the easiest way if it works on yours.

Some of the photos are accompanied by descriptions. For those that are, the descriptions can also be seen by placing your mouse pointer over the small version of the photo before you click on it. This works on PCs but may not work on some other systems.

Before seeing the photos, you may want to read a description of our trip. If so, you can get it by clicking here.

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