You can get a great view of the construction
from the balloon. This is looking east at what
used to be 'no mans land', the area between the walls

At the east end of 'no mans land' - is the famous Brandenburg Gate Nearby is the Reichstag, home of the German Parliament - It's 'For the German People' The Reichstag has been totally remodeled - and is open to the public Here we see Frank and Guido with Bill - in the lobby of the Reichstag The center of the building has a huge - circular ramp to an observation deck
Multiple reflections from the circular ramp Frank, Bill and Guido up on the observation deck Frank, Bill and Larry
Guido, Bill and Larry Frank takes us to Sans Souci Park - the playground of King Friedrich II The main palace built in 1745 The view from the palace - overlooking the terraced vineyard

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