Looking north along the Magnificent Mile of Michigan Avenue

The three windows on the top floor left are the location of - the first apartment we had together, in 1977. Monday, May 30 - Beautiful wildflowers-purple lupine Tuesday, May 31 - We had miles and miles of construction through the hills of Pennsylvania. Thursday, June 2 - Wildflowers seen along the highway east of - Scranton, Pennsylvania, where we spent the night. A massive cut through the rock for the highway - somewhere in eastern Pennsylvania or New York State.
The Verrazzano Bridge to Newport, Rhode Island Friday, June 3 - The Admiral's Landing Guesthouse where we stayed in Provincetown Pilgrim's Monument in Provincetown Remember those stones we picked up at Ocean Beach in San Francisco? We're at the far outer point of the Cape, right at the top of the map
Bill's ready to throw his stone into the Atlantic Ocean There it goes! Larry decides to drop his stone right at the water's edge Now which way is really WEST?  Is it that way to the beach or this way to Truro and Boston? This is the site of the first U.S. Transatlantic Telegraph Station in Welfleet, Massachusetts

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