Larry decides to drop his stone right at the water's edge

Now which way is really WEST?  Is it that way to the beach or this way to Truro and Boston? This is the site of the first U.S. Transatlantic Telegraph Station in Welfleet, Massachusetts This diagram shows what the station looked like and gives information about it. The Sagamore Bridge across the Cape Cod Canal Saturday, June 4 - Park Street Church in Boston
A swan boat in the garden of Boston Commons George Washington monument Larry stands on the steps of his 1962-63 apartment building in Boston Bill stands in front of the Frat House - where he lived while attending MIT Closeup of a T Red Line train
Larry and Bill in front of the Massachusetts State - House, the capitol building of the Commonwealth Boston's Faneuil Hall Sunday, June 5 - Larry on the shore of Lake Winnipesaukee near Alton Bay, New Hampshire Bill by the lake Mt. Monadnock -- taken from Jaffrey Center on the road to Keene.

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