We stopped for a break and took a walk to stretch
our legs. We found lilacs blooming everywhere!

About 35 miles out of Rawlins we saw thunderstorms ahead. - Just after we got our motel room in Rawlins it poured for about a half hour. Tuesday, May 24 - East of Rawlins we got into the rolling cow - country of Wyoming.  Note all of the snow fences. The Great Platte River Road Archway Monument. -  Built across America's busiest east-west highway, it's a museum paying - tribute to the pioneers' westward journey and America's freedom of mobility. Wednesday, May 25 - After spending the night near Grand Island, Nebraska, - we arrived in Omaha.  We drove through the city to check it out. Thursday, May 26 - Crossing the Mississippi River as we left Iowa
On Saturday, May 28, Larry hosted a Hot Boots - party at the Cell Block for users of his web site. -  Here is the group that gathered for dinner before the party. Sunday, May 29, in Chicago - The view of the Wrigley Building (left) - and Tribune Tower as seen from our hotel. Looking north along the Magnificent Mile of Michigan Avenue The three windows on the top floor left are the location of - the first apartment we had together, in 1977. Monday, May 30 - Beautiful wildflowers-purple lupine
Tuesday, May 31 - We had miles and miles of construction through the hills of Pennsylvania. Thursday, June 2 - Wildflowers seen along the highway east of - Scranton, Pennsylvania, where we spent the night. A massive cut through the rock for the highway - somewhere in eastern Pennsylvania or New York State. The Verrazzano Bridge to Newport, Rhode Island Friday, June 3 - The Admiral's Landing Guesthouse where we stayed in Provincetown

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