Monday, May 23
The snowcapped mountains of eastern Nevada

Interesting rock formations along I-80 We approach the Nevada-Utah state line at Wendover. Crossing the Salt Flats of western Utah Approaching Salt Lake City and the Wasatch Mountains
Snowcapped Wasatch Mountains east of Salt Lake City Park City, Utah, where the 2002 Winter Olympics were held A long freight train parallels the highway. The Utah-Wyoming state line.  Note the orange barrels. - We'll be seeing thousands of those through out the trip. I-80 in western Wyoming
We see many interesting rock formations along the highway. We go through one of the formations via a tunnel. We stopped for a break and took a walk to stretch - our legs.  We found lilacs blooming everywhere! About 35 miles out of Rawlins we saw thunderstorms ahead. - Just after we got our motel room in Rawlins it poured for about a half hour.

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