Sunday, May 22
Here's Larry at San Francisco's Ocean Beach. We started by driving out to the beach
to pick up a couple of stones. We will toss them in the Atlantic when we get there.
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Bill takes off his shoes to go walk in the Pacific. - Note the cruise ship on the horizon in the background. This is about as far west as you can go with out getting soaked. On the road now! - Downtown Auburn, California-our first stop after leaving San Francisco. Traveling east on I-80 we see that there's still snow in the Sierras. We stopped at Donner Pass overlooking Donner Lake.
Another view at Donner Pass The Nevada desert was green! There's not much traffic in Nevada Monday, May 23 - The snowcapped mountains of eastern Nevada Interesting rock formations along I-80
We approach the Nevada-Utah state line at Wendover. Crossing the Salt Flats of western Utah Approaching Salt Lake City and the Wasatch Mountains Snowcapped Wasatch Mountains east of Salt Lake City

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